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What does it take to have a healthy life, healthy relationship, healthy intimacy?

A strong foundation.

Whether you're repairing a relationship or rebuilding a life, you need to start at the bottom.

We have a passion for helping both individuals and couples get to the bottom of their unhealthy patterns and create balance in their lives.

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I help women like you create a new life. Regardless of whether you're rebuilding after divorce or are tired of being alone and just want to figure out why you can't find the right person, we have to start with the foundation.

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Couples Counseling

There are many factors that affect our well-being and our relationships are one of the biggest! If we are in a healthy relationship, we are more resilient. If our relationships are struggling, this can affect our overall health and wellness. I help couples get back on the same team.

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Sex Therapy

Healthy emotional and physical intimacy is vital for a strong relationship. Many couples find themselves on different pages regarding their desire for sex or are experiencing problems in the bedroom which can affect overall satisfaction in your relationship. Let us help you get on the right track.

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About Us
We're here for you.

We help professionals rebuild their foundation for a healthy relationship, guiding them to design a values-driven life and rediscover themselves in the process.

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